Released version 4.9.397.8 - Afit update with new functions and repairs.

Released version 4.9.397.7 - Afit update with new functions and repairs.

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WWW:  28.12.2023
Afit:  4.9.398.0 (24.4.2022)
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Afit - information system for your centre

Afit X3 | Afit Euro Ready

Afit C3 is a new generation of information system for the sports center, fitness center, solarium, but practically any other consumer-oriented operations. No problem with him, you can control the hairdresser or a restaurant. The real generational difference over competing systems, you will see now when you first start. Stop to look for another system, Afit offers everything you may wish to manage your operation agenda. Save time and select as your default Afit computer system for your center. Afit is now ready for the transition to the single European currency Euro and allows for revenue payments in any currency.

If you Afit discovered by accident, believe me, it was a happy coincidence. Sign up and get more detailed information about this unique product.

Afit experienced an enormous increase in new functions and represents the cutting-edge system in its category. While the price system increased slightly compared to last year, compared with previous versions Afit is cheaper than ever before. Incremental new features, professional implementation of the program, adding new modules - all at a price only slightly higher. The ratio of price / performance is constantly increasing and Afit to consolidate its high position. Unlike other programs Afit X3 offers comprehensive functionality and a unique interface with intuitive controls and a sophisticated help. Prices you will find following the registration.

Key moment

If you order now Afit, please update the program for the entire year 2009 for FREE. The program is available on the installment with the down payment from 5 thousand Czech crowns. Don't waste the time with thinking, each time missing you is more money. The increasing interest in Afit is an indicator of its quality. Every day, you can use Afit, for you means more data about your traffic for detailed statistics, which will reveal how your operation actually works and where to look for hidden reserves.

What are the possibilities of the Afit

Afit X3

One word could be said: "unlimited". Yes, certain restrictions have virtually any system, any more, another less. Afit But for the vast majority of applications, provides services that do not limit you in any way. There are no fee for the number of establishments, number of reservation targets. License to use Afitu gives you the right to use the program without restrictions and is only for you, as its properties zhodnotíte. We will of course support in the form of technical support. Specific benefits for you and your center can be summarized into the following key points:

  • please complete records of financial flows and constant check on the condition of the company
  • get rid of once and for all paper records, documentation and the tree complex administration
  • offer subscriptions to customers, which means immediate cash income for you
  • companies provide group accounts for employees who are your customers - the company contribution will be deducted from taxes, the customer receives financial support for employers and of course you get a new source of revenues
  • with different price categories easy to appreciate the goods for different groups of customers, the price can change during the day, week and year automatically according to plan
  • you will have a permanent electronic tickets which can not be lost or deceive
  • get passes offering such options, such as counting the minutes or the visit of the restrictions in any one hour a week
  • your customers, you can expose more permanentek force at the same time on different services with different characteristics, but for the customer to virtually any load is not at all - no paperwork, and wearing a series of documents
  • your customer will no longer have to carry more cash when it comes to your center. With a prepaid account just to only one identification card
  • you always have 100% control over their stock, at any time to see any stock movements and even AFIT you draw attention to the lack of goods in stock even before the goods actually occurs
  • easily recorded attendance and occupancy of the premises to see exactly how many customers use passes and what proportion take unrecorded customers with random attendance
  • prepare the charts marketability of individual commodities. In the AFIT it can get broken down by total units sold, the underlying transactions, broken down by cash and / or individual customers
  • easy to book at any time the customer required date and in addition you have always perfect overview of the reserve to fill any long period.
  • offer its customers an online reservation system where they can comfortably from your home not only to monitor the current occupation of reservation, but to make any booking and to monitor its status
  • its customers at any time to draw the attention of an SMS or e-mail to the current action, and of the spare capacity or close to their reservation date
  • with Afit you can easily control the solarium and so have the latest and reliable technology for both switching and timing, but complete records of each operation solariums
  • can equip the most cash operating systems based on touch screens and make sure that AFIT can easily learn to control and less experienced staff. Sales of goods and admission is usually a question of clicking the appropriate button
  • you can for your customers to create professional menus and training using the extensive database of foods and exercises
  • get attendance system, which simply keeps working for your employees to identify using smart cards or tokens
  • information from the traffic you receive through email or SMS, you will always be informed about attending the stocks of goods in stock
  • buying Afit licenses today, you program in the most recent version for 12 months free, ie for the year will have a new program just as if you bought it at a later date. But now you can benefit from its wide range of functions
  • annually get over 100 new features, which illustrates the dynamic development of the system and virtually inexhaustible potential of our development team. It is already prepared a package of functions for several months in advance. User requirements process priority and you have the possibility to directly influence the development of the program. In doing so, they develop their own activity and creativity, each requirement carefully analyze and propose comprehensive solutions, not just temporary patches.

Afit dotykový displej Take advantage of this opportunity and obtain a system that has not only its past and present, and future prospects. S Afitem you can be sure that will never lag behind. Positive reactions of users, compared to competing systems, won competitions and clear plans for the future are evidence of the quality incentive, which demonstrates Afit. Our continued effort is the reference continue to improve and expand, and we believe that your decision to us in this direction will help.

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